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Youth for Nature

Bringing young readers in touch with India's wild side



1. Fill out the relevant google form below

2. We will get back to you by email to inform you that we have accepted your pitch or to suggest any modifications to it

3. Send your final article/artwork by the submission deadline

Interested in submitting an article, short fiction story, experience in the wild, poem, or artwork to our upcoming issue (Issue 11) of YFN? Well, take a minute to fill out the Google Form below to send in your story pitch or sample artwork. Pitches are due by 12 December 2022.

For Writers:

For Artists:

For Writers:

Keep an eye out for the topic of each upcoming issue! It will be mentioned here with other relevant details.

The topic for Issue 11 is ‘Ecotourism in India – Bringing People into the Wild’

Please note that all written submissions (except poetry and short stories) are to be a maximum of 1000 words.


Short Stories (Tales & Trails): Easy to understand, imaginative, descriptive with a good narrative flow, can be drawn from your experiences or fictional. Please try to maintain these at 600 words max.
Field Experiences (Experiences in the Wild): Detail your general experiences and lessons from field or a captivating incident that took place.
Informative Pieces (Learning Corner): Provide historical, ecological, geographical or any other information on the topic in a simplified and engaging piece. Is there information that children could benefit from learning? Have you worked in the field and have knowledge to share? This is the space for you!
Species in Spotlight: Exclusive write-ups on interactions with wildlife or natural notes on wildlife relevant to the topic. Please do not copy information straight from Wikipedia – we want to see you weave a well-written prose that increases interest in a species.
Tales of Grassroots Conservation: Provide inspiring tales of individuals or organizations that have worked or are working to preserve or revive the environment (relevant to the topic). This could include citizens, scientists, children, organizations or even yourself.
Poetry: Compose descriptive poems in fairly simple language, verse or prose forms are acceptable.

Points to note:
● Work must be original
● Please cite any references in your work if necessary
● Remember that this magazine is mostly geared towards children and young adults so simple, uncomplicated language without technical jargon is what we’re looking for!
● Stories can be as creative, imaginative and colourful as you want while also being informative and grounded in science
● Authors can also contribute accompanying artwork and photographs with their write-up

For Artists & Illustrators

Please submit your work under any of the following categories:
Illustrations and Artwork: We welcome illustrators and artists to contribute art in any style and medium. We will get in touch with you once we receive articles that require accompanying illustrations. If you have a preference to design the cover of the issue or have ideas for artwork relevant to the general topic, please indicate the same to us.
Comics and Cartoons: Informative, funny or narrative in nature, we encourage any creative comics and cartoons relevant to the topic.
Photo essays: Essays through the visual medium of photography could include 3-4 visually compelling images on the theme, each with single line captions that provide context to the images. Images that are not highly edited are preferable.
Stand alone photographs: Well shot images with single line captions which provide context.

Write to us at if you have any questions or issues with filling out the google form.

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