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Youth for Nature

Bringing young readers in touch with India's wild side

Download the Issues

We are happy to provide you with downloadable copies of Youth for Nature, organized by issue below. You can also click on the links to be directed to specific articles on our website. Youth for Nature is entirely free to download, read, and share, so please spread the word and happy reading!

Download our Current Issue – Issue 11: Ecotourism – Bringing People Into the Wild

In this Issue: Responsible Tourism Today | Cheetahs | Into the World of Ecotourism | Lure of the Indian Jungle | Pichavaram’s Mangroves | Waterfalls and Blue Rooftops | Escape from the Big City | Redstone Farm | Aranya Permaculture Farm | Surwahi Social Ecoestate Kanha | Baiju the Herpetologist | The Warmth of Nature | Being Courteous Guests in Wildlife Habitats | Meet Dincy Mariyam

Download Free PDFs of our Past Issues!

Issue 1: World Environment Day (Jun. 2020)

In this Issue: Check out our section ‘Kids Speak‘ to read what youngsters have to say about why the environment is our most important resource and must be preserved!

Issue 2: Celebrating India’s Wildlife (Oct. 2020)

In this Issue: Wildlife Tourism | Human-Wildlife Conflict | Invasive Species | Cartooning for Wildlife | Sighting Hornbills | Backyard Ecology | Langur Playtime | Mumbai’s Leopards | Spiny-Tailed Lizard | Wild Canids | Civets | Rhinos of Assam | Rare Birds Through Art | Wildlife Week Winners

Issue 3: New Year, Renewing India’s Environment (Jan. 2021)

In this Issue: Geological History of India | Northeast India | Frogging in Rice Fields | Invasive Plants | Nature Journaling | Go Green at Home | Documenting Tigers | Becoming a Botanist | Big Cat Fight | City Birdlife | Forest Guards | Jungle Adventure | Stork Sister | Living with Leopards | Reviving a River | Saving Aarey

Issue 4: Unmasking the Himalayas (Apr. 2021)

In this Issue: Welcome to the Himalayas | Glaciers | Feral Dogs and Wildlife | A Forest Council | Saving Himalayan Wildlife | Tracking the Argali | Walking the Himalaya | Encountering a Snow Leopard | Banshee in the Woods | Orchids and Ashes | Kibber | Cicadas | Wild Ungulates | Brahma Kamal | Himalayan Marmots

Issue 5: Restoring Our Changing Planet (Jul. 2021)

In this Issue: What is Ecosystem Restoration? | Wildlife Corridors | Green Cities | Photostory of Green Cities | Winning Essay from the 2021 World Environment Day Contest | Winning Artwork from the 2021 World Environment Day Contest

Issue 6: Walking on the Wild Side (Oct. 2021)

In this Issue: Bee Conservation | Lazy Cuckoos | Urban Nature | Zoos | Human-Wildlife Coexistence | Meeting a Tiger | Studying River Dolphins | Talley Valley | Spotting Hoolock Gibbons | Visiting a Swamp Forest | Becoming a Wildlife Biologist | Rare Monkeys of India | Fig Trees & Wasps | Red Panda | Egg-Eating Snakes | City Mongooses | Sri Lankan Painted Frog | Rare Animals of India | An Evening with Elephants | Dawn of the Panther | Nadi’s Tale | Ecosystem Zines

Issue 7: Culture and Creativity in Conservation

In this Issue: Cartoons for Conservation | Sustainability in Rural India | Sacred Forests | Rooftop Butterflying | Theatre and Nature | Birding in the Big City | Two Women Environmentalists of India | Thicket Tales | An Artist on a Mission | Return to the Forest | Wild Holidays | Magical Daandu | Dragons of Heaven | An Evening Encounter | Becoming a Botanical Illustrator

Issue 8: India’s Incredible Islands

In this Issue: Islands of India | Island Ecotourism | Exploring A&N | The Tree of Stars | Sky Islands | Majuli | Nicobar Long-tailed Macaque | Snakes of Sea and Sky | Secret Life of Coral | Holy Chelona | Spotting a Mermaid | Careers in Conservation

Issue 9: The World Around Us

Issue 10: Vanishing: India’s Endangered Species (October 2022)

In this Issue: Bengal Florican | Resplendent Shrubfrog | Mahseer | Spiny-tailed Lizard | Hornets | Tiger | Hornbills in Myristica Swamps | Amboli Toad | Gangetic Dolphin | Kolar Leaf-nosed Bat | Egyptian Vulture | The Endemic Six | The Forest Council Returns | An Evening with Elephants Pt. 2 | Solitary Sarus Crane | Meet Yogesh Bangal | Meet Dr. Vikram Adithya

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