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Youth for Nature

Bringing young readers in touch with India's wild side

About Us

A Voice for Children

Youth for Nature focuses on bringing informative pieces on India’s wildlife and wild places, and engaging activities to bring children closer to nature. We take pride in showcasing the work of children as well as professionals working to save India’s wilderness to inspire youth to speak for our natural world.

We began in June 2020, in the peak of the coronavirus pandemic and subsequent lockdown, as a small venture to bring children closer to wildlife. Even as the world outside was shut down – national parks were not holding safaris, zoos were not allowing visitors, and people hardly stepped outside their apartments – we realised that the written word could still bring nature into the homes of children across India, on a digital, germ-free platform!

The magazine includes multiple sections for your perusal: visit our Learning Corner to learn more about our country’s wilderness and landscapes; check out Experiences in the Wild to read first-hand accounts of adventures in India’s wild spaces; learn about our biodiversity and wildlife in Species in Spotlight; salute the heroes and heroines of conservation in Tales of Grassroots Conservation; and find out how you can work to save our planet in Careers in Conservation, featuring interviews with people in the field!

We also have a YouTube channel (Click HERE to access)! This channel is dedicated to providing you with the articles from each issue of Youth for Nature e-magazine, in audio format. When you’re driving your young learner to school, when you want them to be entertained without a screen or when you’re tired at the end of a long day and can’t think of a bedtime story, just pick one of our playlists, sit back and let yourself and your little one be transported to wild and beautiful places! Adventures across India’s vast landscapes, stories of rare wildlife and informational pieces about India’s natural bounty; all accompanied by captivating artwork and photographs to accompany the audio.

So start exploring India’s wild side! We promise you’ll fall in love with nature too. Welcome aboard!

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