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Youth for Nature

Bringing young readers in touch with India's wild side

2022 World Environment Day Contest

Youngsters across India submitted their nature journal entries. Some are combinations of writing and artwork, while others are beautiful paintings of the wildlife around us. Take a look at the creative genius of India’s young explorers right here!

Ananya Bhat, Age 14
“Indian Coursers” by Hani Ayesha, Age 15
Sameera Parveen, Age 14
“Red Whiskered Bulbuls” by Savita, Age 15
“Fairy Bluebird and Common Iora” by Sharanya, Age 14

Sunrise with the Birds

by Likhita KS, Age 13

On one early morning which was moderately cold, I sat at my window wondering about the beauty of nature and its activities. The road was filled with peace. I could only hear the chirping of birds in the cloudy morning. The trees were still with their blessing flowers. It was a Gulmohar tree.. And slowly, there started a breeze which made the trees dance across the sky. Suddenly, high above in the sky, I saw a troupe of birds flying together with a leader at the front.

After a long time, I heard the beautiful singing of the koel. Even it was awake at 5 o’clock. Can you guess why was it so?? It was the sunrise! I saw a ray of light covering the darkness. Oh my god! How beautiful nature is!

Soon, birds came waddling towards me looking for something to eat. As soon as I had given them a few grains, they started squawking and fighting for food, which made half of the grains good for nothing. After the birds had left, I saw something special. What was it? It was a brown pigeon. It was very beautiful and very calm while having its food and it also shared with others. Therefore, I named it Radhe. Observing nature made me realise how blessed we are to be able to view such an adorable sight early in the morning.

An Unexpected Visit

by Sanghamitra SP, Age 8

When I was sitting on a seat in my farm, two birds flew down and sat on a tree. When I saw the two birds with my binoculars, I found out that they were Coppersmith Barbets! I found out them with their green coloured bodies and their size. They were sitting on a Casuarina tree at the time of noon.

When I was in my farm the previous week, that was when I found out the Coppersmith Barbets. But there were four and they came at the same time as noon and sat on a Casuarina tree. They had a black band near the eyes and were with a Kingfisher which was also on the same tree. But this time I found out only two. They were swaying happily on the tree because the tree was swaying in the wind. I felt lucky to have seen those beautiful Barbets.

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