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About the Contributor:

Shrushti Suresh Patil is an Ecologist who pursued research in Freshwater Ecology and in Limnology. She has completed her Master’s in Biodiversity and Bachelor’s in Environmental Science.


Desert Ecosystem:
Desert Animals Pic – Shutterstock Image by Natchapohn
Desert Ecosystem Illustration:  Rachel Ignotofsky 2015 
Desert Plants Pic :  Brigida Swanson in 2019
Last page Image: Pinterest 
Marine Ecosystem:
Page 2 Image:  Freepik.com
Marine Animals & Plants: Roman Egorov(Dreamtimes.com)
Food chain Image: openly licensed
Cartoon Img: Rohan Chakravarty (greenhumour.com)
Last page image: Sean Murphy & Vonic (artstation.com & redbubble.com)
Tundra Ecosystem:
Tundra animal images: animalspot.com
First Page Img: Clivemarley (Dreamstime.com)
Last page Img: laurentmikhail.hubpages.com
Tundra types image: open source all 3 images
Grassland Ecosystem:
Names of grassland img: facts.net
Grassland Animals & Plants img:
Fichier vectoriel & Sheri Amsel (exploringnature.com)
Last page image: Open Source Images