By Surya, Age 11

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Nature comprises of land, air, water, fire, and space. I am going to discuss about nature as below:

Effects of Land Pollution:
If we pollute land, land will get polluted. After it is polluted, it loses its fertility and it affects production of food. Nature, including humans, is affected and another effect is food chain disturbance due to which nature starts dying.

Water Pollution:
Earth is the only planet that has water. Water is polluted by garbage and sewage. Factories dump their waste into freshwater. Nature cannot live without water.

Air Pollution:
Industries release smoke and soot into the atmosphere and cause air pollution. Oxygen is the main source and we need oxygen to breathe. Nature needs oxygen to survive in this planet.

Trees breathe in carbon dioxide and give us oxygen. Trees help prevent soil erosion. They help nature give us rain.

Artwork by Asmita Sapre Ranganathan