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Youth for Nature

Bringing young readers in touch with India's wild side

Welcome to Youth For Nature!

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Welcome to Youth For Nature, a free e-magazine for children, with a mission to spread awareness about India’s vast biodiversity, wild landscapes, and the need for environmental conservation and restoration. We feature informative articles, poems, fictional stories and artwork by nature enthusiasts of all ages and from diverse backgrounds. From school students to professors and senior scientists, we welcome your contributions to our growing magazine! Find all our published issues and articles on this website and follow us on social media to stay in touch and receive regular updates. Our latest issue, released in February 2023 focuses on Ecotourism!

Some Stories From Our Latest Issue

Where Tourism Meets Conservation

From the dense wet evergreen forests of Kerala and Karnataka to the dry scrub forests of Madhya Pradesh to the mangrove swamps of West Bengal, a doctoral student strives to understand what makes people visit national parks in India today. Meet Dincy Mariyam, in conversation with Team YFN.

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Surwahi: A New Model of Ecotourism

Meet Ankit Rastogi, the founder of a beautiful ecostay in the heart of Madhya Pradesh. Located in the lap of Kanha Tiger Reserve, Surwahi Social Ecostay Kanha is a model for a new style of ecotourism that marries hospitability with local, countryside flavours. Author Priya Ranganathan speaks with Ankit about his journey in this piece.

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The Newest Cat on the Block

Heads up, folks! – India’s got a new big cat on the block, and it’s none other than the fastest land mammal – the cheetah! Samarth Jain takes us through the riveting tale of the cheetah’s reintroduction into India this past year and what it means for tourism in Kuno Palpur.

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Interested In Volunteering With Us?

As we are an entirely free and volunteer-run organization, we rely on eager young minds and dedicated volunteers to help us achieve our mission of bringing stories of nature to young readers. Please contact us if interested in joining our growing team! We are also in need of translators to help translate articles from English into Indian languages. Contact us if you are experienced in writing or editing in any Indian language and we’ll get you started!

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